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Juvenile Deliquency Litigation

I am an attorney who specializes in juvenile criminal defense law. During my practice I have handled many juvenile delinquency matters including minors charged with all types of theft and drug offenses, probation violations, DUI cases, burglary, robbery, assault, battery, and driving without a license.

I enjoy working with juvenile clients because I like to help and work with children. I feel that all children deserve a second chance because they have time to change and have all the capacity to learn from their mistakes. When I work with juveniles it is my goal to achieve the best possible outcome with respect to the charge(s) and sentence (“disposition” in juvenile proceedings). I spend time with the parents and child before the arraignment in order to discuss the charges, the minor’s rights, the court proceedings and the potential outcome of the charges filed. My intention is to make the process comprehensible and easier to digest for both the parent and child. Ultimately, I develop a strategy where I can protect the minor’s record for the future and achieve the best possible outcome of the proceedings.

Often, I am able to obtain a lesser charge(s), dismissal of a charge(s), or a complete dismissal of all charge(s) by persuading the Court, the Judge, the District Attorney, and the Probation Officer to allow the minor to participate in alternative programs geared towards rehabilitation rather than punishment. These programs include Diversion, Informal Supervision, Deferred Entry of Judgment, and Drug Treatment Court. I am usually able to resolve matters at the first or second court appearance. Quick resolution benefits the family and child because the number of times they have to appear in court is significantly reduced. This means, that the minor can continue on with their life and resume participation in daily activities like school, sports, and family relationships.

I invite the opportunity to discuss any matter involving your child and juvenile proceedings based on a reasonable fee structure without a consultation fee. I am based in Redwood City and all of my cases are in San Mateo County.